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CSI Mitigates Network Security Risks with Internal Penetration Testing

CSI’s RISC Services provides greater insight into potential security risks

PADUCAH, Ky., Jan. 29, 2014 Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) (OTCQX: CSVI), a provider of end-to-end technology solutions that empower financial institutions and businesses to remain competitive, compliant and profitable, has added Internal Penetration Testing to its existing regulatory compliance offerings for its Risk and Information Security Consulting (RISC) Services group.

            With CSI’s Internal Penetration Testing, RISC Services consultants examine an organization’s internal systems, assuming the mindset of a hacker who has infiltrated the network, to uncover potential vulnerabilities. Once system weaknesses have been identified, CSI’s RISC Services consultants attempt to exploit these vulnerabilities through hands-on, manual testing and research of each area of concern–a method that better identifies key issues that a basic scan would likely not detect.

            “With instances of cyberattacks continuing to rise, we saw a distinct need for more extensive guidance and support in order to assist our customers in better protecting the livelihood of their business,” said Paul Koziarz, president and general manager of CSI Regulatory Compliance. “The addition of our Internal Penetration Testing service allows us to proactively provide our customers with an in-depth view of potential security risks within their system and assist them in correcting problems before they fall victim to an attack.”

            Following the penetration testing, CSI’s RISC Services consultants provide a detailed list of observations and recommendations to rectify the identified weaknesses and lower risk levels. Additionally, organizations are given thorough documentation to simplify further risk assessment, control decisions, service provider arrangements, security breaches or violations, and testing results.

            As an added feature to the Internal Penetration Testing service, CSI offers a Wireless Network Audit, which uncovers vulnerabilities associated with the encryption and authentication methods in use on the organization’s wireless network. This additional service also explores potential weaknesses in a company’s employee base by using limited social engineering attempts to entice users to connect to unauthorized access points.

            “Given the industry’s current war on fraud and cybersecurity, regulatory compliance poses a significant challenge for today’s businesses,” Koziarz said. “In order to assist our customers in maintaining effective security standards, we remain dedicated to providing superior products and services to not only simplify day-to-day operations, but also eliminate growing business concerns on the horizon.”

CSI’s RISC Services also offers Information Security Reviews, External Penetration Testing, Social Engineering Testing, Red Flags Reviews, IT Audits, BSA/AML Audits, bank website compliance audits and internal vulnerability assessments. Each of CSI’s RISC Services solutions provides users with a well-balanced mix of analysis, technology, reporting and industry expertise to comply with new industry regulations and mitigate potential network security risks.

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