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What's Hot and What's Not for 2014


HOT  1. Plan for Prosperity    2. Compliance HelpDesk3. Volcker Rule Relief4. Cloud Computing       5. Tiny Bubbles 6. Bullet Agencies7. Targeted Recruiting8. Twitter Chats9. Banking Locally10. Digital Wallets

NOT 1. Regulatory Burden 2. Juggling Compliance Solutions 3. CDO TruPS Write-downs  4. Servers      5. Viva Las Vegas    6. Fed Coupons 7. The Help-Wanted Section 8. Conference Calls 9. Too-Big-To-Fail 10. Cumbersome Online Shopping

News & AnnouncementsICBA Securities®, Inc. Receives 35th Banking Association Endorsement ICBA Securities, the broker-dealer subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA), has received the endorsement of the Wyoming Bankers Association (WBA) in Cheyenne, Wyo. WBA is the 35th state banking association to endorse the services of ICBA Securities, which provides fixed-income investment products and services to community banks.More Information:Read the press release.ICBA Member Access is sponsored by CNA: ICBA Member Milestones, brought to you by CNA, recognizes community bank anniversaries and milestones in the January issue of ICBA Independent Banker magazine. CNA understands it takes more than a strong balance sheet to run a successful bank. It takes commitment to the community, dedication to service and flexibility to meet the needs of clients. For more than 100 years, CNA's professionals have worked to build strong relationships and solid business insurance solutions that meet the needs of their clients. For more information on CNA’s programs, visit & AnnouncementsConvention Early Bird Registration Deadline is January 20 Are you still thinking about escaping the cold to a tropical paradise? Want to get that New Year’s resolution of bettering yourself personally and professionally on the calendar? Now is the time to do both and receive a significant discount in the process. ICBA Community Banking Live hits the shores of Honolulu, Hawaii, March 2-6, 2014. Register before January 20 and receive a $300 convention discount and attend the most comprehensive educational and networking event in the community banking industry. More Information: Learn more about ICBA Community Banking Live. Hurry! Only 10 more days to save $300! News & AnnouncementsUptick in ATM Cash-Out Attacks Prompt Data Security Alert Visa issued a data security alert following a number of reported attempts to conduct ATM Cash-out attacks. The peak in ATM cash-out attacks is being attributed to a recent increase in malicious activity directed at web-based administrator or control panels, used by small- to medium-sized financial institutions to manage prepaid or debit account platforms via the Internet, according to the report. Typically these attacks have involved a small number of accounts that are counterfeited onto a large number of cards and then used simultaneously at ATMs across multiple locations, the alert explains.


The alert also outlines 12 tips or best practices financial institutions should consider implementing or reinforcing to help prevent and mitigate losses associated with these attacks, including limiting access to the front-facing web management platform, establishing protocols for the regular review of access logs associated with web management portals, and establishing a dual-alert notification protocol to at least two people empowered to investigate potential security breaches. More Information:  Click here to review the security alert.

EducationAudio Call: 2014 Investment Portfolio KickoffJoin Jim Reber of ICBA Securities for a 2014 Investment Portfolio Kickoff Audio Call. Lots of wild cards are in play as the new year gets started: New Fed Chairman, new Fed Governors, and the question about “tapering” of monetary policy just to name a few. As investment portfolios of community banks remain much larger than in the past, the consequences of an underperforming asset class are magnified. The audio call will assess the lay of the land for community bank-suitable investments and will discuss several suggestions for securities that may be poised to perform well in the coming year. When: Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 11 a.m. (Eastern time) More Information: Register for ICBA Securities 2014 Investment Portfolio Kickoff. EducationIn-Person Training: ICBA Compliance InstituteCompliance professionals are encouraged to attend ICBA’s Compliance Institute in February to get the latest regulatory education. The comprehensive seminar, featuring compliance experts David Bequeaith and Lindsay LaNore, is scheduled for Feb. 9-14 in Dallas. Attendees will examine the CFPB’s mortgage servicing rules effective January 10, 2014. Find out what your community bank must do to comply. In addition, attendees will receive the latest guidance on comprehensive compliance reforms in areas such as Regulations Z, X, B and E. When: Feb. 9-14 in Dallas, Texas. More Information: Register to attend this event. EducationWebinar: Business Survival Join ICBA Preferred Service Provider Agility Recovery as they discusses the four key elements to disaster recovery including, office space, power, communication devices and computer systems. You’ll also learn how to minimize potential business interruption losses while implementing an effective disaster recovery plan. When: Thursday, Jan. 14 at 2 p.m. (Eastern time) More Information: Register to attend this event. EducationWebinar: Cyber Threats Awareness for 2014Cyberattacks could increasingly take aim at community banks and their customers. Smartphones and other mobile devices have become an integral part of daily life. Bank customers using mobile devices are "banking" at any time of the day and at any place, all while they're updating their Facebook account and ordering at the local deli. This casual attitude towards using and trusting the technology can leave both your customers and institution vulnerable to attackers. This informative webinar will assess the latest cyberattacks aiming at your bank. In addition, we’ll address the most common online threats encountered in 2013 and examine the top projected threats to bank customers in 2014. When: Thursday, Jan. 16 at 11 a.m. (Eastern time) More Information: Register to attend this event. EducationWebinar: 10 Things to Know about Small Biz BorrowersWebEquity Solutions, an ICBA Preferred Service Provider, is hosting a Webinar January 16 “Using Asset Quality Ratings to Monitor and Manage Portfolio Credit Risk” how community banks can build a credit rating framework to provide more guidance and objectivity to assigning asset quality ratings. We will also discuss how to address the distinct differences in rating C&I loans versus small business, CRE, construction or Ag loans. When: Thursday, Jan. 16 at 2 p.m. (Eastern time) More Information: Register to attend this event. EducationWebinar: Adapt and Thrive in Today's Mortgage LandscapeMortgage lending is a critical component to your bank's success, but the days of status quo are over. Get the keys to adapt and thrive in today's "survival of the fittest" landscape by easing regulatory, business and competitive threats to your mortgage business. Spend one hour with D+H Mortgagebot and discover how to:

  • Streamline GFE point-and-fee accuracy and delivery;
  • Simplify compliance across your organization;
  • Capture essential purchase volume; and
  • Be your organization's hero by helping make mortgages more profitable.

When: Thursday, Jan. 23 at 2 p.m. (Eastern)

More Information: Register for this event.

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