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Access Softek offers two free webinars this month

Sign up ahead of time for webinar on digital marketing for credit unions March 19 and in-session fraud control March 28.

Access Softek is offering two free webinars this month. Advance registration required.  

How important is digital marketing anyway?

Join this webinar to learn the value of Digital Marketing, why it’s important to your users and how you can measure digital marketing ROI!

DeepTarget provides a premier marketing solution for Access Softek clients — dozens of whom are already seeing the value of intelligent digital marketing that helps you share your valuable financial products and services – when your users need your help.

This is what digital marketing is supposed to be: helpful, timely to members’ needs, and respectful to their financial needs with good use of their valuable time.

Better to prevent fraud rather than detect it after the fact.

Digital banking vendor Access Softek will discuss its research into before-it-happens fraud prevention via machine learning algorithms, which can learn individual users’ digital banking habits by detecting suspicious behaviors, predicting fraud risk, and responding with prescribed countermeasures, all in real time.

Easy-to-add machine learning is more user-friendly than rules-based preventive actions, which can disrupt the user experience and contribute to churn.

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