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Geezeo Expands on Product API With Responsive Tiles to Build Customized Digital Banking Experiences

Responsive Tiles Embed Digital Financial Management into Online and Mobile Banking

Braintree, MA, (August 29, 2017) - Geezeo, a leader in Fintech and data-driven solutions for financial institutions, has developed and introduced Responsive Tiles to help innovative banks, credit unions and technology partners build customized digital banking experiences. Geezeo’s Responsive Tile library empowers these financial institutions  to finally blur the lines between online and mobile banking and personal financial management (PFM) features.

Geezeo introduced Responsive Tiles with a vision of enabling banks and credit unions to provide the right financial tools at the right time to retail and business customers, while gathering and leveraging financial behavioral data to build stronger, deeper relationships. Tiles give financial institutions and their vendors/partners a new way to create a fully blended digital banking experience by weaving core PFM features and content into existing online and mobile platforms. The majority of Geezeo partners have already begun leveraging the new Geezeo Tile approach, as they look to build stronger online banking products and experiences.

“Consumers want simple money management tools that support daily and long-term financial needs, and banks are recognizing that they need to blur the lines between traditional digital banking features and PFM,” said Peter Glyman, President and Co-Founder of Geezeo. “We have seen significant enhancements made to digital banking, and we’re excited to see clients and partners recognize Geezeo Responsive Tiles as the best solution to bringing PFM features to the forefront of the overall digital banking experience.”

“We’re putting the tools where the customer will use them, at a place and point where they’ll need them,” said Matt Tollerton, Vice President and Director of Digital Banking at Central Bancompany. “Building personal financial experiences is a differentiator for us and a mobile first strategy that incorporates simplicity and contextual relevance drives our goal of being a trusted financial advisor.”

Geezeo Responsive Tiles support all display types and can be integrated into a current online and native mobile banking experience without compromising site performance or user interface design. The library of Tiles includes, but are not limited to account aggregation, spending analysis, net worth analyzer, spending targets, budgets, savings goals and cash flow projections. Tiles can be easily modified to support default colors and sizes set by the financial institution. Completely custom Responsive Tiles are also available.

“Ultimately we want our clients to stand out. We want to help make their digital banking experience unique and representative of their mission and brand. A Responsive Tile strategy is likely the best model for most our clients to see this idea come to fruition,” said Glyman. “There is no doubt that with the availability of our product API and now Responsive Tiles, Geezeo offers the best solutions for creating the best digital banking experience.”

About Geezeo

Geezeo is a financial technology (Fintech) firm that enhances the digital banking experience via its white label retail and business digital financial management solutions. Almost 500  financial institutions leverage Geezeo’s integrated and unified personal financial management (PFM)  solution. Purposely integrated within a financial institution’s online banking and mobile platforms, Geezeo helps empowers consumers and businesses to gain more financial control, better manage daily and long-term finances and reduce banking friction. To help financial institutions drive the digital shift, Geezeo leverages data within its Engagement Banking Marketing Platform resulting in relevant, data-driven content facilitating interaction between the FI and the online user.

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