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fTLD Updates to .BANK/.INSURANCE Security Requirements Support Increased Domain Name Adoption

(fTLD), operator of the .BANK and .INSURANCE domains, frequently receives inquiries from registrants (i.e., entities that register domain names) requesting information about third-party providers that can assist them in complying with the technical Security Requirements necessary to support their websites, email and other services that use .BANK or .INSURANCE domain names.

fTLD’s Board of Directors recently approved several changes to the Security Requirements that should make it easier for technology service providers to support customers interested in using their .BANK or .INSURANCE domain names. Information about these changes is available at

With the above referenced changes, some AFT members may now be eligible to participate in fTLD’s Third-Party Provider Program, and full details regarding it, inclusive of the application, is available at If your company offers web hosting, DNS, security/fraud and other types of services and can do so in compliance with fTLD’s Security Requirements, please consider completing an application and submitting it to Questions about the Program should be sent to the same email address.

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