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CSI Enriches Core Banking Functionality with New Loan Budget Tracking Capabilities

PADUCAH, Ky., July 29, 2015 —In a move to provide banks with more robust construction loan management tools within the core banking system, Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) (OTCQX: CSVI), a provider of end-to-end financial technology solutions, has added a new Loan Budget Tracking feature to its NuPoint® core system. The Loan Budget Tracking tool provides financial institutions with an electronic solution to assist with construction lending reporting and management.

            Integrated directly into CSI’s NuPoint core banking system, Loan Budget Tracking eliminates manual processes and validates funds at multiple levels to help keep banks in line with promissory notes, as well as their own internal policies. Additionally, Loan Budget Tracking utilizes integrated general ledger (IGL) for real-time movement of money, line-item management, storage of project specific documentation, and constant balancing and oversight of funds and timelines.

            With NuPoint Loan Budget Tracking, CSI has introduced additional loan management features to accommodate any banks pursuing construction lending activities, including:

  • Batch processing

  • Enhanced reporting

  • Enhanced edit capabilities

  • Utilization of “outside” funds

“As trends within the financial industry continue to change, we make a consistent effort to introduce new products or enhancements in order to simplify the day-to-day operations of our banking customers,” said Steve Powless, chief executive officer of CSI. “With the introduction of the NuPoint Loan Budget Tracking feature, we have provided our customers with a robust tool that eliminates the need for manual balance reconciliation and provides real-time disbursement.”

CSI’s NuPoint is a comprehensive, customizable core banking platform. By leveraging CSI’s infrastructure, resources and expert support, banks eliminate the need for expensive hardware and software investments for in-house systems, while also greatly enhancing internal reporting capabilities. Furthermore, with the addition of Loan Budget Tracking, banks can more adequately manage the needs of their construction lending clientele from one centralized portal.

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