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Perspective on Supreme Court’s Disparate-Impact Ruling

In an online column in ICBA Independent Banker® magazine, ICBA Vice President and Senior Regulatory Counsel Lilly Thomas explains the Supreme Court’s recent ruling upholding the disparate impact theory of anti-discrimination law. In a setback for the financial services industry, the high court ruled that lenders can be held liable for neutral practices that have a disparate impact on certain classes of borrowers, even when lenders have no intent to discriminate.

“While the high court upheld the disparate-impact theory of liability, it also limited how the theory can be applied in court so companies can make the practical and profit-motivated business choices that sustain the free-enterprise system,” Thomas writes. “The majority opinion made clear that disparate-impact cases cannot rely on statistics alone and that the accuser must also cite the specific policy that causes the disparate result.”

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