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Clay City Bank Partners with CSI to Provide Core Foundation for Innovation

PADUCAH, Ky., June 30, 2015 —The Clay City Banking Company in Illinois has selected Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) (OTCQX: CSVI), a provider of end-to-end financial technology solutions, to provide an innovative core platform, as well as managed IT services, so that the bank can offer more integrated services to its growing customer base.

            Having added three branches throughout Southern Illinois during the past decade, bank officials said they needed a technology partner that could eliminate barriers between systems, as well as empower the bank to provide more innovative services to its customers. After extensive research, the bank selected CSI’s NuPoint® core solution and its managed services solutions, both of which will create operational efficiencies.

            “CSI offered us the biggest leap forward in terms of an enterprisewide technology platform that could integrate the services we needed,” said Becky Wiley, vice president and chief operations officer for Clay City Banking Company. “One of the things that impressed us the most was the concentration on customer service and the proactive development of new products.”

            Wiley stated that CSI’s NuPoint and managed services will enable the bank to allow employees to focus more fully on their customers. CSI’s solutions will eliminate work-around processes and the need to access multiple systems due to the lack of integration.

            “We have access to more unified solutions that will streamline many manual processes for us,” Wiley said. “In the past, we spent a lot of time making our systems work for us, but now we can spend less time behind the scenes and more time with our customers.”

            CSI’s NuPoint is a comprehensive, customizable core banking platform capable of supporting multiple fully integrated solutions. Leveraging CSI’s infrastructure, resources and expert support, the bank also can offer new and updated online, mobile and digital banking options. Additionally, as a result of its implementation of managed services, Clay City Bank has a team of IT professionals monitoring, protecting and supporting its IT assets around the clock.

“Every financial institution should have access to cutting-edge solutions that not only make them more operationally efficient, but also allow them to surpass customers’ expectations,” said Steve Powless, chief executive officer of CSI. “We look forward to working with Clay City Banking Company by providing the tools, resources and support needed for the bank to continue its impressive growth trajectory.”

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